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The Power of Weakness: Embracing the True Source of Strength
“When I am weak, then I am strong.” Do we really believe these words penned by the apostle Paul? If so, why do we often rely on our own wits, strength, and resource when the power that God holds is so much greater? The Power of Weakness helps us find relief from the wearying pursuit of success and grasp the biblical truth that God longs to use our limitations to display His greatness.
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Restored!: God's Salvage Plan for Broken Lives
The Old Testament book of Ruth tells the story of two women who experienced a level of distress—painful and desperate situations--that threatened to overwhelm them. It also offers an amazing blueprint of God’s plan for restoration—including our own. Each “distress” God allows in our lives can become His divine brush stroke, adding color, maturity, depth of character, and a deep and eternal beauty that will be ours forever. God promises to restore what sin, and the effect of sin, has destroyed in our lives. If distress is your story…and restoration your hope…this book is for you.
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A Better Country: Preparing for Heaven
This transforming book will change the way you think about heaven and the way you live on earth. An understanding of heaven is not a spiritual luxury or escapism; it is a spiritual necessity. Author Dan Schaeffer offers insight into that heavenly desire, the heavenly location, the heavenly life, and heavenly preparation, showing how God wants that "better country" to be the passion and purpose of our present life. Includes a helpful study guide for each chapter.
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Defining Moments: When Choices Matter Most
Life is full of defining moments, those once-in-a-lifetime decisions that change the direction of our lives for better or worse. Dan Schaeffer looks at the defining moments of some biblical characters, and tells us what pitfalls to avoid. You’ll identify with the heroes of the Bible in ways you never have before.
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In Search of the Real Spirit of Christmas:
Every year we resolve to get into the "real" Christmas spirit. Yet Christmas seasons come and go, leaving us with vague pangs of regret. Why does it seem so hard? What are we missing? Familiarity can blind us to the unique power and glory of Christmas. Dan Schaeffer takes us beyond traditional trappings and into the wonder of the best gift of the season - the essence of Christmas. He offers a new lens of insightful observations about the first Christmas, adresses burnout in contemporary Christmas preparations, and gets beyond the story of Christmas to help us experience the spirit of Christmas.
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When Faith and Decisions Collide: Finding God’s Will for Your Life
Few things seem to press more on the minds of Christians than the search for God's will for their lives: Where is God leading me, how can I know, and what are the signs? As he cites the various methods people use for finding answers to these questions, along with the disappointment and disillusionment many have suffered, author Dan Schaeffer examines this subject from a new vantage point. "We will look at the will of God as a journey, rather than a destination; something to walk in, rather than just seek out." An insightful, inspiring, and healing examination of an ever-popular subject.
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Dancing with A Shadow: Making Sense of God's Silence
This book is an intensely personal look at God's providence in difficult circumstances. See how God moves in our lives-silent, yet active-as you're guided through the often overlooked book of Esther.
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Faking Church: The Subtle Defection
Open the door to any church in America and you'll find once-enthusiastic Christians just going through the motions. Some have even abandoned the Body. Dan Schaeffer diagnoses this spiritual defection as a subtle heart issue: If our primary motivation for Christian service has become approval from others, we're on the road to faking church. Schaeffer deftly explores the common traps that seduce believers into becoming spiritual fakes and prescribes ways to adjust our fellowship and our lives so that the Holy Spirit can create in us a genuine servant's heart. Timely and provocative, Faking Church has the power to transform the Body. Get real with God by cutting through soul-destroying distortions, and choose to serve for His approval only. This book can change you--and your church!
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The Six Miracles of Calvary by William Nicholson(Updated by Dan Schaeffer)
William Nicholson draws you into timeless insights at the cross of Calvary and the six miracles that would reshape the world:
* The encompassing darkness
* The amazement of the opened tomb
* The tearing of the temple curtain
* The undisturbed grave clothes
* The miraculous earthquake
* Revivals to life in the graveyard 
From these supernatural wonders you will find renewed inspiration and confidence in your own resurrection. Originally published in the early 1900s, The Six Miracles of Calvary has been updated by DHP author and editor Dan Schaeffer.