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Hi!  I’m Dan Schaeffer, and this is my website.  Glad you dropped by.  By way of introduction, I’m a pastor at Shoreline Community Church in Santa Barbara, California, a husband of 32 years to my wife, Annette, and the father of three adult children.  We live in Santa Ynez, California, about 30 miles north of Santa Barbara, among horse ranches, vineyards and beautiful rolling hills with a large brown dog of questionable heritage (a Boxadorynese).  I’ve been a pastor for about 30 years now, and a writer for about 25 years.  If you are visiting, you’ve probably read one of my books or articles or maybe even my Heart Language column in inTouch Magazine.  I sincerely hope my writing has been helpful to you in some way.  I desire to glorify my Lord, Jesus, and if I have in any way done that through my writing, I am humbly grateful.
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